Should I have a served or a buffet-style menu?

I recommend the Served Meal when the style of the wedding is more formal, where you are wanting a more sophisticated feel. There is a lot more control, the menu options are usually a lot more limited but the arrival of each course at the table makes quite the impression and everyone at the table eats together. There is no movement around the venue. In our experience, it is more popular to have Served Starter and Main Courses and then allowing guest to help themselves to the Buffet Dessert where there can be a larger variety to choose from, and guests can have dessert at their leisure.

Serving Mains to the Table with the meal served on platters aka “family style” is becoming very popular. This gives your Wedding a real “Sunday Lunch with the Family” feel which is a lot of fun, very interactive and “warm and fuzzy” to boot !!

A served meal does require more food service staff than a buffet, which is an additional expense at the end of the day.

A Buffet-style Menu, on the other hand, is a good old tried and tested favourite. Buffet meals are informal, you can opt to have a bigger selection of meals on offer. I would not go overboard as you may also end up with a lot of leftover food making it expensive with you paying for food that is not eaten at the wedding. A Buffet-style also takes up a lot of space in the reception venue, so if space is a problem then a served meal may be the better choice.

I’d recommend that you don’t serve more than 60 guests from a buffet, so if for example, you have 120 guests at your reception, I’d create a double buffet (serving the same food but at two points!)

Another thing I love about Buffets is that they can also be dressed up beautifully with fresh flowers and fruit with candles and décor to match the style of your wedding.

PS: To avoid queues at your buffet I’d encourage you to ask the MC to call guests up table by table. This allows conversation at tables while other guests are helping themselves at the buffet and keeps the atmosphere relaxed.