5 tips for your catering budget!

  1. Be realistic when compiling your catering budget. This is often the only part of the wedding that guests remember, so impress them! Having said that remember that there is life after the wedding do so don’t “live beyond your means”!
  2. If working on a “shoestring” budget be honest with your Caterer and see what they can do for you. Remember what you pay for your wedding is between you and the Caterer.
  3. No doubt the biggest slice of your wedding budget will be allocated to the Catering Budget so careful consideration needs to be taken when choosing your Caterer and remember when making your choice that you have made the right choice by comparing “apples with apples”.
  4. Check whether your quoted price includes or excludes Vat.
  5. Make sure the Caterer is paid in full the day prior to the wedding. The Caterer cannot “hold anything back” if payment is not forthcoming after the wedding!