Bring Us Your Expectations!

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Fabulous food is our passion. Work with a team of professionals that has 40 years of experience in the KZN Midlands.

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Take a closer look! With us you are clear as to what is included and excluded in our prices.

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No one goes hungry. We are committed to generous portions of freshly prepared food, beautifully presented.

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When was it last handed to you on a plate? You can rely on our no-fuss style. Any problems are resolved quietly and quickly. We will do what it takes to ensure that you and your guests can relax and enjoy the day!

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From concepts to compliments. At CHC Catering, your concept starts a chain of tasks and activities that our team proudly and quietly undertakes, ensuring that all you’re left to deal with are the compliments. Enjoy!

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Quietly making you a better host! We will listen to you and gently advise you and you can be confident knowing that everything is in hand as nothing is too much trouble.

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The choice is yours! We work to exacting standards, consistently. We don’t believe that one size fits all, you choose the style of food and level of service.