Whether you’re considering an informal get together, a theme party or an elegant function, with CHC Catering you can put your feet up and we’ll take care of the rest.

Fabulous food is our passion. Our team of professionals who have more than 35 years’ of experience. We are committed to generous portions of freshly prepared food, beautifully presented. We pride ourselves on offering a flexible service with numerous options to meet different budgets and will go out of our way to accommodate you, wherever possible.

We are here to advise and help make it a memorable experience.  We are only too happy to share our extensive knowledge. We have a portfolio of menus for your ease of reference. Prices start from R210 per person and  apply for a maximum of 40 guests. Download our portfolio here. Should your guest numbers be greater than this, we will happily customise a quote for you.

With us, you are clear as to what is included and excluded in our prices. We include the essentials and you can add the frills if you want more. We will make sure that everything is in hand as nothing is too much trouble. You can rely on us to quietly make you a better host.

We are privileged to have exceptional relationships with a number of beautiful venues. But, we are happy to discuss any venue (including homes, halls, marquees and farms) that has piqued your interest. Our promise to you is that when you take us with you, no-one goes hungry! At CHC Catering, we ensure that you can relax and enjoy your function with your guests.

Would you like to chat further? Then complete our enquiry form or pop us an email with your full contact details, date of the function, numbers and any additional information that you’d like to share and we’ll be in touch. 

It can’t get more convenient or tastier than this.

The food you serve will no doubt be one of the most important and expensive items on your event budget. Great food contributes significantly to the overall experience of this important celebration, so we recommend you spend time and effort ensuring it is remarkable while working within your budget.

For example, a popular trend is to do away with the traditional starter and just have canapés on arrival. A Charcuterie Table or Farmer’s Table groaning with pates, cheeses, continental meats, breads, pickles, fruit and berries as well as bowls of biltong and dry wors makes for an impressive start to the wedding feast!

A Gourmet Burger Buffet makes for a different kind of ‘main’! For vegetarian or carnivores, there is so much choice with many fillings and toppings with which each guest can build a bespoke burger with all their favourites and then complement it with potato wedges and an array of salads and sauces. Not your style? Then perhaps an array of casseroles and curries with roasted vegetables and crusty breads piques your interest?

A huge cost saver is to serve your wedding cake as dessert with ice cream smothered in butterscotch sauce Your cake now becomes an integral part of the meal.

So many ways to save and so many choices! When you work with a great caterer they will take into account your preferences and your budget and will guide you in making the right decisions!

With 35 years experience, here are our 5 top catering tips:

1. When comparing one caterer with another, make sure you are comparing “apples with apples”. We recommend that you ask the caterer to stipulate on the quote exactly what is included in the price per head. Many caterers will not include waitrons, crockery, and cutlery, linen, and transport in the per head price so although the food price will look impressive, when you add on all these extras you may be in for a surprise and you will want to factor these costs in right from the beginning.

2. Always remember when compiling your menu to choose foods to which your guests are accustomed. Just because you love sushi doesn’t mean everybody else does as well. Simple “rustic” foods and dishes are all the rage now so remember to keep your menu uncomplicated.

3. We recommend that you check whether any of your guests with specific dietary requirements such as diabetics, vegans, lactose intolerant, gluten-free etc. so that you can make sure your caterer is aware and can plan with you accordingly. You want them to feel as important as all the other guests so don’t be afraid to ask your guests beforehand.

4. When compiling your menu, consider adding a vegetarian option as part of your menu. There are inevitably those who will forget to advise you of their dietary requirements and this option gives your caterer some flexibility.

5. Finally, when choosing your caterer, we recommend you find out as much information as you can about them (testimonials should be available as well) and that you make sure that whatever you discuss is noted.